Download tested hard drive firmware at! provides data recovery companies with working donor firmware for a variety of hard drive manufactures. We do not provide data recovery services, however you can contact iCube Development (Calgary) Ltd. in Calgary, Alberta, Canada at (888) 728-CUBE (2823) if you need data recovery. HDD Firmware currently has over 52GB of firmware for hundreds of hard drives available for immediate download (after purchase). The cost to download firmware offsets the cost to run the website (bandwidth, disk space, hosting charges, script {download functionality}, PayPal fees, and staff costs).

Public Notice - this site may not be what your expecting!
Hard drive firmware requires additional hardware and software in order to be used. It is completely useless without the proper tools.
This website is designed to aid data recovery professionals and not the general public. Only buy HDD Firmware if you know what your doing.

Common hard drive firmware consists  of numerous modules located on the platters (inside) of a hard drive that perform a specific function. When a hard drive has a firmware failure the recovery process will involve identifing what firmware modules are at fault. Firmware is not always transferrable (meaning it can be unique to your hard drive) and requires the use of specialized hardware and software to diagnose and repair.

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