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How many times I can download the firmware?

After completing the firmware purchase, you can download the firmware archive up to three (3) times without any additional charges. Downloads do not expire.

Why do you charge to download firmware?

The cost to download firmware offsets the cost to run this website (bandwidth, storage fees, staff costs, backup functions, download script, PayPal fees, and administrative service). All firmware provided is manually tested to ensure quality and functionality.

Do you provide refunds?

We do not provide refunds under any circumstances. All firmware on HDDFirmware.com is original (we do not duplicate firmware found on other websites). Further all firmware is manually tested and obtained from actual data recovery jobs. The bottom line is HDDFirmware.com only provides 100% working firmware.

What is included in a Western Digital firmware purchase?

All modules from Copy 0 and Copy 1 (SA0 and SA1).
All tracks from Copy 0 and Copy 1 (SA0 and SA1).
All ROM data including the actual ROM itself as well as modules.
Firmware is provided in a ready to use file state (not a database state).
*ROM is always obtained via RS232 (ensures ROM from a USB HDD works when written to a SATA PCB).

Do you provide firmware for other programs beside the "big" one?

No, it's pretty clear all other programs on the market just reverse engineer what the big one does. Buy something that works.

How is data from USB drives saved?

ROM modules and the entire ROM itself  (integrated USB 2.0/3.0 bridge) drives are obtained by RS232 (serial) methods. Modules and tracks are saved via USB. This method of obtaining the ROM ensures accurate U12 ROM dumps that do not contain encryption ROM data.

What archive program was used?

All HDDFirmware.com files are archived using 7-Zip with best possible compression setting. Some users have reported the native Windows archive functions do not work well with larger 7-Zip archives.

What is included in a Seagate firmware purchase?

All modules from Copy 0 and Copy 1.
All system files.
ROM image.